People at the heart and soul of an organisation are its real value and today I launch my project ” UEFA People” to showcase and respect this, cramming a year’s worth of work into six months because the idea didn’t come sooner!

Eventually we arrive – as with any event-led project – at the kick off…but what is it all about?

I am really excited about bringing “UEFA People” to life for the external world, as the project will give a unique look at what it’s like to work at UEFA, through the eyes of our own staff.  By sharing their unique moments and precious experiences from behind the scenes of our competitions, our staff offer a powerful demonstration of their professional skills and abilities whilst showing the range of talents needed to stage so many competitions, organised to such a high level.

Let’s take a step back and reflect on the past 6 months at UEFA: a period of absence for our President followed by his resignation and our General Secretary 100% campaigning and elected to the position of FIFA President.

But what actually happened during this time at UEFA? Well, our staff stood up, took responsibility and accountability for what they had to achieve and through hard work and commitment continued to deliver in their roles day in, day out.  There are not many organisations that despite not having two key people at the head of the organisation for long periods, can still forge ahead together and continue to bring value to their main stakeholders whilst also delivering great competitions such as the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League and ending another successful season with UEFA EURO 2016 in France.  This period has encapsulated and quantified the real value of UEFA: its staff. They may not be seen on the balance sheet as an asset but that’s why I choose to work in HR and not Finance as I have the privilege to work closely with these assets on a daily basis.

Looking forward, UEFA People will set the foundation for UEFA’s talent acquisition strategy which will evolve over the next 4 years as we lead up to UEFA EURO 2020, to be uniquely hosted across 13 countries. The target? To reach and attract talent in all of these countries and who better to shape the future of our organisation than the people that already work here?!  I am proud that we can bring the heart of the organisation from out of its shadow and showcase our staff, who they are, what they contribute and how they feel working for a great organisation like UEFA.

Personally I may be leaving for a new career path after the EURO but for sure I leave behind excellent people, with a huge passion, purpose and pride for what they do and that is a fond memory to leave with.

Thank you to all the staff at UEFA that have contributed and will contribute over the coming weeks to the project, I hope you get the recognition deserved.