June 2016

Meet Adrian

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[Video] Guillaume Sabran On His Journey In Sponsorship

Guillaume Sabran, Senior Sponsorship & Licensing Manager at UEFA shares his career journey to UEFA in this inspirational video.

The Languages That Define UEFA

Meeting UEFA’s objectives to promote, protect and develop football across Europe is assisted enormously by the cultural diversity of its people.

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5 Tips For Getting A Marketing Job At UEFA

UEFA, European football’s governing body, employs over 500 people, spread across a variety of disciplines and from diverse backgrounds.

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What Does Elodie Love About Her Role In Communications?

Elodie Masson works as a Corporate Communications Coordinator in UEFA’s marketing division. Forget Ronaldo and Messi and find out who she thinks are the true unsung heroes of football.  Continue reading “What Does Elodie Love About Her Role In Communications?”

A day in the life of a Communications Editorial Specialist at UEFA

Ever wondered what a day for UEFA People actually looks like?

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What Makes Clement Proud?

Meet Clement Proud, Digital Sponsorship Services Coordinator at UEFA. Find out what makes him proud in his role in marketing.  Continue reading “What Makes Clement Proud?”

The Wonder Of UEFA’s Multicultural Workforce

As workplace diversity goes, you’d have to travel quite some way to find an organisation more cosmopolitan than UEFA.

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Lauren & Filippo Go Behind-The-Scenes

We’d like to send a HUGE congratulations to the gracious winners of our behind-the-scenes experience, Filippo Giorgio of Italy and Lauren Klibingat of Germany. Continue reading “Lauren & Filippo Go Behind-The-Scenes”

7 Match Day Snacks From Around Europe

Everyone loves match day right?

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[VIDEO] Kevin Hall, Sponsorship Manager, On Life At UEFA

Check out this video interview with Kevin Hall, Sponsorship Manager at UEFA on his role, his experience and his purpose.

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Digital Content At UEFA In 6 Words

We asked Kevin to describe his career in digital content at UEFA in 6 words. Check them out… Continue reading “Digital Content At UEFA In 6 Words”

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