What do you think it takes to bag yourself a sponsorship role at UEFA?

The sponsorship function at UEFA currently generates a significant percentage of the organisation’s revenue, sits within the marketing department and works closely with a number of key functions on a global scale. To cut a long story short, it’s HUGE. Sponsorship at UEFA is not for the faint of heart but offers what can only be described as a rewarding, purposeful career for the most passionate of marketers! Guillaume Sabran, Senior Sponsoring and Licensing Manager, has been working with the organisation now for around 11 years and we caught up with him to understand exactly what it is he searches for when recruiting within the sponsorship team.

1. Agency experience

Agency experience is key for a role in sponsorship at UEFA for a number of reasons. UEFA is a big brand and one of the leading sport organisations that  that has traditionally worked with a number of equally big, global partners. The fast-paced nature of the agency world translates perfectly to life in sponsorship at UEFA. As a sponsorship manager, you will need to be able to pick things up quickly and prioritise your time for maximum impact. You won’t be in direct contact with brands but you are UEFA’s brand guardian, responsible for briefing and co-ordinating an agency to deliver sponsorship-related projects to the highest standard.

2. Add value

UEFA aren’t just looking for an ‘Average Joe’ sponsorship recruit. No! They are looking for someone who has ideas and champions innovation to their core. Every role within UEFA requires that little glint in the eye that says ‘I’m here to make waves and carve a name for myself as an innovator and talent within the team’. UEFA Marketing are looking for people who are constantly thinking ‘what next?’ and ‘what can we do differently’. If every business in the world did everything the same forever, where would we be? Imagine that for a second – a world without phones, the internet and social media. All of these ideas came from innovators and the desire to do something different is exactly what you need for a role in sponsorship at UEFA.

3. Marketing passion

The sponsorship manager role sits within the marketing department at UEFA and it is not your typical sponsorship sales role – it is actually quite the opposite. UEFA are searching for marketing enthusiasts who appreciate brands and understand how to execute campaigns, particularly from an account management perspective. As a sponsorship manager at UEFA, you’ll be seasoned in understanding and designing marketing strategies. You’ll appreciate the entire brand process and all the components that are needed to make a campaign a solid, organised success.

4. Soft yet firm

It is vital that if you are going to succeed in a role within sponsorship at UEFA, that you have the ability to empathise as well as put your foot down when you need to. Soft yet firm may sound contradictory but it’s all about applying this kind of stance where appropriate and enjoying the results this can yield on both sides of the coin – when things are running smoothly and times when conflict arises. The most exciting and challenging thing about working at UEFA is the pace in which the business moves. Like an agency, you need to be ready to work all of the time and you need to have the authority to make the decisions you need to push projects forward.

5. Charisma

You are absolutely on the front line of the business with a role in sponsorship at UEFA. As with all client-facing roles, it is imperative that you represent your organisation well and uphold the reputation that has, at times, been years in the making. UEFA is no different. ‘People skills’ is the phrase of the decade it seems. More and more companies are hiring people on cultural fit, social skills and adaptability to situations and all of these things are major components to a sponsorship role at UEFA.

So you’ve read these five points and you think you’ve got what it takes to apply for a Sponsorship Manager role at UEFA? Then today is pretty much your lucky day, because they are looking FOR YOU. Check out the role and apply today to be in with your chance to add some real value.