What’s preventing you carving a career within the sporting industry? 

Not as a footballer, batsman, swimmer, athlete or equine expert, perhaps, but something similar to your current role (or one with transferable skills), just in one of the world’s most challenging sectors?

What’s stopping you switching to something entirely new, setting new goals, overcoming unique hurdles and smashing your current job for six?  For many, of course, it’s fear: fear of the unknown; fear of losing current status; fear of new cultures.  But these fears exist with any employment change.

It’s true that in the dynamic fast-paced universe of sport, tests are teased by the bucket-load and demands are high; but equally true is that for the talented and determined, opportunities are endless and achievements rewardingly recognised.  All a bit like the sportspeople themselves, really.

The sports industry is one of the most pioneering in the world.  Driven by technological advances, sponsorship advantages and social media, sports marketing is increasingly sophisticated.  We are consumed by media channels and sport is bang-on to take advantage of this which, unequivocally, it is.  Think of the last few times you consumed a sporting event.  Think of what made that possible; who made that possible.

One of the best aspects of working in sport is the diversity.  From marketing to project management; physiotherapist to psychologist; event producer to content editor; sponsorship to technologist, there is a role in sport for everyone.  And once in the opportunities are endless, with progression often swift and transfers to different departments, counterparts or, indeed, competitors, highly feasible.

Driven by individual performance, teamwork and collective spirit the sports industry offers everything from a satisfying salary to gratifying goals, whichever discipline you’re trained in.

So the question is, are you brave enough to make sport your alternative career?

To see what jobs might exist for you in football, check out what’s happening at UEFA, European football’s governing body and the organisers of many competitions including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA EURO 2016.