For many, a career within sport is perceived subordinate to the elitist pursuits of industries such as finance, technology and healthcare. 

But as anyone working within the combative world of leisure will attest, subsidiary the sports sector most certainly is not.

Indeed many professionals across a myriad of sectors are forgoing previous notions in favour of something altogether together.  Because the sporting sphere harbours some of the most challenging jobs in the world, across all disciplines, many of which are embracing topical changes other industry sectors cannot hope to compete with.

First, think of the sports you know: football, rugby, snooker, netball, athletics, cricket, darts…these pursuits dominate both our terrestrial and wider broadcasting channels, every one of them commercially dynamic.  And these are just the first sports most of us first think about.

Second, think of the jobs that might exist within sport: marketing, tech, hospitality, media & production, events, sponsorship, logistics, construction…the list is quite literally endless.

For many of us our school lives were filled – perhaps even fuelled – by dreams of one day playing for the team we supported.  For most, though, the dream remains unfulfilled.  But the opportunity to work within sport, maybe even within our sport of choice, remains. If you fancied yourself as a footballer, for example, but somehow ‘slipped through the scouting system’, then how about netting a role the other side of the pitch?

The UEFA EURO 2016 final tournament is upon us and whilst you’re cheering on your favourite nation, spare some thought to how, with a little bit of individual skill, you could be a part of the next ones.  Maybe not as Messi, but something equally marvellous.

A career in sport?  Why not?!