Everyone loves match day right?

The atmosphere, the clamour, the sensations and most of all, the fodder! We took to the masses in search of the ultimate match day snack and we were bowled over by the wealth of unusual, crazy and slightly bizarre answers we received. Interestingly but perhaps not surprisingly , a few staple goodies stood out as major contenders for the match day snack crown so we thought we’d make you REALLY hungry today and showcase them.  We’ve selected the 7 most popular stadium snacks from around Europe including entries from Holland, Portugal and Switzerland! Think you can do better? Let us know what your favourite match day snack is:


  1. The Hotdog & Onions

Food Stylist: Jamie Kimm

A sporting classic – the hotdog and onions combination came as no surprise as the unanimous front-runner. This popular match day snack can be found at most football stadiums across Europe and beyond and comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you take pleasure in sinking your teeth into a chunky Cumberland or whether you thoroughly relish the softness of a rollover, there really is nothing more delightful than a sausage-based snack, especially when it’s slathered in ketchup and mustard.


2. Bitterballen


Dutch native Angelique Rompelberg refers to the ‘Bitterballen’ as the perfect match day snack. ‘These deep-fried delicacies are served as a snack in Dutch bars and cafés, typically containing meat ragout. While often translated as ‘bitter balls’, the delicacy does not have a bitter taste. The name, in fact, refers to the tradition of serving these deep-fried snacks with bitters, such as jenever, although they are more often enjoyed with beer these days. A fine combination that is!’ Sounds tasty!


3. Prawn sandwiches

05We are wondering whether this suggestion has come straight from the mouth of a Prawn Sandwich Brigade representative. The prawn sandwich, made famous by Roy Keane through his explanation of glory supporting, box-loving, gourmet football ‘supporters’, is famously said to be enjoyed by those who are more interested in the status of watching the game from inside their fancy, complimentary box rather than in with all the action of the stands.


4. Pukka Pie’s Steak Pie


The Pukka Pie! A British staple, the Pukka Pie comes in a variety of flavours to suit most tastes and it has to be said, sometimes there’s just nothing quite like it. Admittedly, it was their steak variety that appeared to capture the hearts of our football fans and we can’t really say we blame them. As Jordan Mason of Telford, UK, quotes,’ Pukka Pie’s Steak Pie, don’t compromise’. Who doesn’t love a decent strap line?


5. Galler Bratwurst

03.jpgA Swiss entry, the St Galler Bratwurst is a veal sausage enriched with bacon and spices and is typically enjoyed in a bread roll of sorts. Basically, think hotdog but then times the quality by at least five and you’ve got the St Galler Bratwurst! How can you not enjoy a good sausage? Sausages definitely appear to be stealing the show but it’s a fair shout right?


6. Bifana

02Alexandre Vieirain of Portugal tells us, ‘We prefer something called “Bifana” and “Coratos” which is something like 2 slices of bread and a pork stake, or pork belly.’ Basically this looks like a very fancy bacon sarnie doesn’t it? It sounds and looks amazing if we don’t say so ourselves – where is Portugal with a Bifana when you need one? Go on Portugal!


7. Chicken Balti pie and a pint at half time



Another British pie entry (shock), comes in the form of the chicken Balti pie, complete with an ice cold pint at half-time. Could you get more typically British than this? Unlikely. The chicken Balti pie was cited numerous times by fans in our network as their all-time favourite stadium snack, and we think it’s fair enough. If you love pie, curry and beer you’re pretty much winning at life with this one.


Are you going to be at EURO 2016? If so, we’d love to know what match day snacks you’ll be /have been enjoying in France!