Ever wondered what a day for UEFA People actually looks like?

Switzerland alone has a fantastically unique culture and UEFA makes a huge effort to support that within their organisation. We’ve pushed open the doors of the marketing department at UEFA to bring you an exclusive insight into their world. We caught up with Andy James, Communications Editorial Specialist to find out exactly how his day pans out. Check it out:



I was really fortunate to find a flat within a few days of arrival in the small village of Givrins. It’s ideal for a young family like ours, with very few cars passing through and plenty of green space. In fact, it’s utterly beautiful! In the snow or the sun, it just looks amazing and I often purposefully don’t take the car just to walk past the Auberge on the way to the station. Givrins is equidistant between Geneva and Lausanne, towards the Jura mountains as you exit Nyon. It’s only around 15 minutes’ drive, 10 if you have no traffic (i.e. late at night) but usually my wife has the car and I get the train. Handily, it’s 11 minutes down to Nyon on the “red train” which goes up the mountain, and another two minutes on the bus from Nyon to UEFA.



Usually, the first thing I do in the morning is catch up on emails. In Editorial we cover all 17 UEFA competitions so there is a constant stream of information, requests and feedback to deal with. Around a third of the day, sometimes more, is taken up by meetings to discuss our content plans across multiple platforms and media. My task is to manage UEFA’s English-language digital output, chiefly UEFA.com but also other managed platforms, including social media and YouTube. We determine the strategy in Nyon and it’s my job to liaise with our London editorial team to ensure it is implemented, giving feedback on the content they create and discussing ideas, news and formats. I also manage all of the English reporters across the continent – we have at least one in every UEFA member country and they report on matches for us, mainly in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.



I try to bring in my own food but am invariably too lazy to make sandwiches! Usually I grab a sandwich or a salad from the cafeteria in La Clairiere – although every now and again I pop over to the restaurant in HQ. In the summer I’m more likely to head down the lake and – time permitting – have a quick lie down to refresh myself for the afternoon. There is of course the opportunity to play football next door at Colovray almost every day, which is truly a privilege. I play whenever I can, though sometimes it can be difficult during busy periods. (Actually I haven’t played since January after tearing my knee ligaments L)




Normally after lunch I’ll have a meeting – Editorial liaises a lot with other departments, particularly Marketing, Sponsorship, Licensing etc, as we are obliged to deliver sponsor-related content as well as regular editorial. We also liaise with TV Production in order to help promote the broadcast and find content which enables us to do so on digital platforms. Meetings aside, I’ll be in constant contact with the London office coordinating and planning content. If possible, I’ll go through emails again at the end of the day before heading home around 6ish.



Having a toddler means I usually head back home after work, play with my daughter for an hour and then have dinner and help put her to bed. If the weather is nice, I might go for a run, and later I’ll either crack on with a few more emails or chill out with my wife. Every now and again we go for beers after work as a team – the good thing is that I can honestly say there are lots of like-minded people at UEFA to get along with and the spirit within the Editorial team is excellent.