As workplace diversity goes, you’d have to travel quite some way to find an organisation more cosmopolitan than UEFA.

Representing 55 national football associations, UEFA champions cultural diversity and encourages applications from prospective employees across the globe. So a cross section of the international community is reflected in the workforce: from the United States to Ukraine, UEFA employees represent 37 countries, with more than 500 passionate people working to strengthen the brand each day.

While the Swiss make up nearly a third of the UEFA workforce, Britain, France, Germany and Spain also feature highly. Denmark, Poland, Portugal and Sweden also play a large role in the cultural enrichment of the organisation, with many of the Polish (and Ukrainian) contingent having remained since helping to implement local projects at UEFA EURO 2012. Once in, people tend to stay with UEFA!

Of course, all this cultural diversity makes for a unique working environment. Consider how stimulating it would be to work on a project with Czech, Greek and Lithuanian team members. And imagine the possibilities presented by an Austrian-Mexican-Russian alliance!

The multicultural nature of UEFA’s labour force improves UEFA’s ability to communicate and connect with stakeholders. The diversity provided by staff from such different nations allows UEFA to become more sensitive to different cultures, improving its ability to work with stakeholders to achieve the outstanding service delivery on which it prides itself.
UEFA people are driven by an innate desire to learn, with cultural curiosity stimulating knowledge-seeking and creating an ever-thinking, always-doing, dynamically diverse workforce.

So if your cultural curiosity is aroused, there’s a multinational football organisation eager to hear from you!