UEFA, European football’s governing body, employs over 500 people, spread across a variety of disciplines and from diverse backgrounds.

The marketing, events and sponsorship teams work on a wide range of promotional, sales and partnership initiatives in their quest to develop the UEFA brand in an ever-evolving sports landscape, and with no two days the same, it’s an enticing prospect for marketing professionals.

UEFA’s marketing roles embrace media rights, broadcast services, marketing development, sponsorship and licensing, promotions, research and brand. Here are five tips for how to go about netting one.

  1. Be passionate about your subject

UEFA employees are passionate, so enthusiasm is key to both fitting in and to success. Not all UEFA people have a deep love for football but they do share a desire for doing a brilliant job through teamwork and collaboration. Combine that with examples of your ability to work cohesively as part of a team delivering an overall strategy, and you’re on to a winning start.

  1. Think laterally to work across the business

There is a truly rounded marketing mix at UEFA, combining B2B and B2C strategies. Sports industry experience isn’t a ‘must’ for a place at UEFA and knowledge garnered outside the sector is very highly valued, but just as important perhaps is a track record of working across multifaceted business areas and stakeholder development. An interest in football is advantageous too, so try to attend matches and tournaments when you have the chance.

  1. Prepare to be challenged

UEFA people cite the daily challenges as one of the main reasons why many enjoy working there so much, so if you’re ready to face that and develop continually, then UEFA could be the place for you. The chance to perform dual roles and to have hands-on experience in the competitions also gives employees numerous opportunities to expand personally and professionally.

  1. Take the plunge and consider moving abroad

Almost all jobs at UEFA are based at the organisation’s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. For some, relocating might be a hurdle, but the opportunity to work at the heart of the marketing of European football will make the move worthwhile.

  1. Search for jobs and apply …

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