Ever wondered what a day for UEFA’s people actually looks like?

Switzerland alone has a fantastically unique culture and UEFA makes a huge effort to support that within their organisation. We’ve pushed open the doors of the marketing department at UEFA to bring you an exclusive insight into their world. We caught up with Gary Davies, Additional Programming Coordinator to find out exactly how he goes about his day-to-day life at UEFA HQ:


I am very lucky as I actually live in the beautiful town of Nyon.  It’s a quiet place, but as I grew up in Cornwall which is a small county in the South of England it reminds me a little of home.  So for me it’s just a short 5 minute drive in the winter and 20 minute walk in the spring/summer.  You can’t beat starting your day passing the shores of Lake Geneva and seeing the incredible mountains across the water.



First thing is first, Coffee, always! There are many wonderful people at UEFA and it’s always a nice start to the morning to greet a few of them in the cafeteria.  Then my first working task will be to get the edit suite set up and running so that when my editor arrives we are ready to begin producing the videos we need to make that day.



2 days a week, I like if time permits to play football at lunch, UEFA is lucky enough to have a wonderful sports campus just next door and many of my colleagues are also playing football, basketball, tennis or running at lunchtime. However If there is no time for sport, then there is also some great options for food, either in the small cafeterias or the main restaurants of the HQ (overlooking the lake) or the Tennis club terrace.



On Mondays and Wednesday we have team meetings in the afternoon, we use these to establish what everybody is doing, and see if there are ways in which our teams could help and support each other.  Other afternoons can consist of ideas meetings to discuss futures projects or approval viewing, where current projects are watched by clients.



Once work is done, it’s a short journey home, I play for the company’s football team and also for a local Swiss club, so two nights a week that keeps me busy.  Otherwise I like to socialise with the friends I have made since coming to Switzerland, some of them are colleagues from various departments across UEFA and some of them just local people I met through living here.