Ever wondered what a UEFA person’s day actually looks like?

Switzerland the country has a fantastically unique culture and UEFA the organisation tries to reflect that diversity. We’ve pushed open the doors of the marketing department to bring you an exclusive insight into its world. We caught up with Guillaume Sabran, senior sponsorship and licensing manager, to find out how his working day usually pans out.


Getting to work

Working in Nyon is brilliant in terms of life quality because I spend very little time getting to and from work and everything is close to the office. It takes no time at all to get from home to the office if you live in the Nyon, usually no more than 5 to 20 minutes. Whether you drive, walk, cycle, take the bus or come by train, it’s a doddle get to work. And the train network is convenient and efficient if you to live in Geneva or Lausanne.




The first thing I do if I can is to plan my day, giving myself an hour free of meetings or conference calls. I use this time to prepare my to-do list for the day and to prepare for any meetings on my agenda. Management and staff meetings tend to take place in the morning to ensure we’re all aligned and updated on the most important matters. Then we can allocate work and projects accordingly.






Lunchtime depends on the workload and meetings really. Usually I try to run or play football twice a week: the other days, when I’m not travelling, I go to the staff restaurant or to restaurant at the nearby tennis club with colleagues, or just grab something at the cafeteria.





The afternoon is when we host most of our meetings with our sponsorship and licensing partners. Then before I got home I try to have another clear hour or two for follow-up work and any outstanding tasks.



After work


After work, I tend to go straight home for dinner with my family or to collect the kids from their football practice on the way. Sometimes, UEFA staff meet up for a drink at one of the nice bars in Nyon.