So what is it about UEFA and its culture that promotes this enviable level of dedication?

Seizing the opportunity

Sometimes life just calls for a change. What are you currently doing career-wise? Do you feel like you’ve found that powerful sense of purpose we all crave, or are you still searching for it? We often discuss these questions and our opportunities with our loved ones. When your brother lands a new job in a new city, but he’s not sure whether to take it – despite the fact that it’s a fantastic opportunity, not only for his career, but for his life too – you don’t just sit there and encourage him to ignore it, do you? A job should be so much more than a chore that we all moan about. It takes some people a lifetime to find that one opportunity they’ve been searching for, whether they realise they’ve been searching or not. Others simply aren’t that bothered and never even look. But many of us hanker for that special opportunity. UEFA promotes a culture based around passion, pride and purpose. Its talented teams, across all disciplines, reflect these values as though they were stamped on their foreheads! It’s no accident that UEFA’s staff show an impressive level of commitment to their work. It’s a particular type of person who seeks out opportunity. And it takes a very particular type of person to seize that opportunity.

So what is it about UEFA and its culture that promotes this enviable level of dedication?

Dual roles

Nothing says empowering opportunity like the chance to take on another role in conjunction with your day-to-day activities, and this is exactly what UEFA offers its staff. UEFA’s dual-role initiative gives employees the chance to enrich their entire career experience by contributing heavily in areas that aren’t necessarily their day-to-day areas of expertise. Imagine working in IT, a role which can be quite insular at times and involve a little too much screen time, then on Friday you’re a match director at UEFA EURO 2016, coordinating every last detail of the match organisation. You don’t get a more rounded career experience than this.


There is probably nowhere more inspiring as a relocation prospect than Switzerland, and the setting of UEFA’s headquarters can only be described as ‘out of this world’. Nestled on the banks of Lake Geneva, the small town of Nyon, is a brilliant place to live. With a staff cafeteria that sits right next to the lake, all you need to do to enjoy the wonders of this stunning country is go to the office. Switzerland is a country that has stunning scenery and opportunities to enjoy life no matter what the season, and it is perfectly located just a short drive from a number of other magnificent European locations. You really can’t go wrong by making a dream to move to this country a reality.


Of course, you don’t need to be totally obsessed with football to work at UEFA, but the sport is a unifying force, followed by millions of passionate fans around the world and known for camaraderie. UEFA captures this appetite for the sport and uses it perfectly, as shown by what it has created in terms of environment, culture and the career development of its staff. Football is a fantastic game to be part of, and a role in football gives you so much scope to work with people in different roles. There really are no limits if you’re prepared to push the limits.