August 2016

Super Cup Competition Winners!

Congratulations to Iain Hutchison, UK and Karol Tatar, Poland on their competition win!

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6 Words That Describes Yoann’s Experience At UEFA

Find out why UEFA ticks all of Yoann’s boxes.

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Meet Michal: Event Transport Coordinator At UEFA

What does Michal love most about his role in transport at UEFA?

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Meet Adit

Find out why Adit loves working for UEFA.

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How Do Dual Roles At UEFA Work?

UEFA gives its employees the opportunity to expand their range of skills and increase their understanding of football by offering them dual roles. Senior HR manager Florian Python explains how staff members can get involved in jobs that come as an ‘added extra’ to their day-to-day activities at the organisation.

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Super Cup 2016 Project Breakdown

Check out this slick infographic which is all about the UEFA Super Cup 2016.

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Five Tips For Getting A Job At UEFA

Every organisation looks for something particular in its workforce, so finding the magic ingredient you need to land your dream job is not easy. UEFA has long been hailed an aspirational place to work for those seeking a career in sport, and as the organisation aims to develop its company culture, Senior HR Manager Florian Python reveals what UEFA is really looking for in a candidate and gives his five top tips to getting a job there.

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